Marie is a self-taught artist from Arras, France, who lives and works in the heart of her apartment located in Don (59) where her studio has set up.

Her work is imbued with geometry and a certain ecological sensitivity that reveal a deep love for nature and trees in particular. For the record, it is by reading the book "The hidden life of trees" by Peter Wohlleben that she discovers their perfectly organized internal functioning and their ability to use the natural resources at their disposal to develop. The artist is then fascinated by their network of circulation and communication as well as by the role of the sap which makes the link between the leaves and the roots but also between each of his works.

Through her graphic work, strongly influenced by the Bauhaus movement which she is particularly fond of, Marie's mission is to see behind the visible, to illustrate her vision of what is hidden behind this majestic, upright and massive tree.

Inspired by nature, intelligent and structured, she therefore plays with shapes, symmetry and verticality to achieve her works. Like the elements that make up the sap of the tree (water, sunlight, air, earth and chlorophyll), she breaks down shapes and plays with colors, collage and textures to generate the idea of ​​movement and vitality of the tree.