'Nature, and what surrounds us in general, offers us a fabulous abstract spectacle, alive and in motion. I see shapes, lines, curves, shadows, links and interactions that inspire me many stories that I like to transcribe on canvas.'



Marie is a self-taught abstract artist, born in 1989, who lives and works in the countryside of Lille, France. Creative since childhood, she first studied art design, then computer graphics, communication and marketing. After having exercised various professions, she decided in 2019 to return to her first love, painting. Full-time artist for 4 years, she creates minimalist and organic works in which the flat colors subtly rub shoulders with the relief of the material.

In her work, she mixes geometry with a certain form of poetry by creating stories about the invisible or the ephemeral. Mainly inspired by nature, trees in particular, and the things that surround her, she makes many sketches which she then works on canvas, wood or paper. Although she has a specific inspiration for each series, she seeks above all to create harmonious and balanced compositions, free of interpretation.

Her favorite medium is acrylic paint to which she gives volume by exploring different ways such as collage, sand or cotton thread. This gives life to her work, where the light takes all its power. 

In her recent work on canvas, Marie has abandoned strict lines made with tape in favor of simple, rounded and soothing shapes drawn by hand. A return to more minimalism which it however makes more complex with a “mosaic” background created with intertwined strips of linen and whose very singular texture is close to that of velvet.
On paper, she likes to work in a more liberating way, without preparatory sketches, working abstract shapes with irregular lines.